How to Do Vape Tricks: 6 Beginner Vape Tricks to Master

How to Do Vape Tricks: 6 Beginner Vape Tricks to Master

 Grab your vapes because it’s time to learn some beginner vape tricks. While there is an abundance of benefits to vaping, being able to bust out some awesome vape tricks at a party is definitely one of our personal favorites. So, add a couple drops of eJuice into your vape and learn how to do these vape tricks for beginners.


Waterfall Vape Trick

The waterfall vape trick is one of the easiest ones to do, and it’s still wildly impressive. All you need is your vape and a bottle or container of some sort. Then, blow your vapour into the bottle and let it waterfall out of it. It’s a simple vape trick but one that leaves everyone mesmerized.


Ghost Inhale Vape Trick

The ghost inhale vape trick is a unique one, as you inhale the vapour and make it disappear. Voila! Magic. It’s quite easy as well. All you have to do to master this beginners vape trick is inhale the vapour into your mouth. Let it sit for a bit and exhale slightly. Then, suck it back into your mouth and let it disappear.


Bubbles Vape Trick

Grab a tube of some sort, such as an empty paper towel roll and get your vape because this is one vape trick for beginners that everyone needs to do. Plus, it’s easy, fun and a great place to start.

Start by dipping the end of your tube in a bubble solution; exhale the vapour through the tube and see a mystical bubble of milky vapour appear. This beginners vape trick is like playing with bubbles as a child, only for adults.


French Inhale Vape Trick

A French inhale, also known as the Irish Waterfall is a really epic way to inhale your vape. All you have to do to pull off this beginner vape trick is to let the vapour slip out of your mouth, so it rises up into your nose.

Start by sucking in the vapour (don’t inhale), and open your mouth slightly. As the vapour begins to seep out of your mouth, slowly breathe in from your nose. You’ve officially mastered the French inhale.  


Tornado Vape Trick

Moving down the list of beginner vape tricks, the tornado is a fairly easy one to do but it’ll take a bit of practice. The secret is to get your hand movements just right to make the vapour twirl into a tornado. So, start by exhaling the vapour onto a flat surface. Then, using your hand, flick it up and around, like a tornado. It’s easier said than done but worth every moment.


Dragon Vape Trick

The dragon vape trick is also slightly harder than the other ones mentioned, but it’s one of the coolest vape tricks out there. Start by taking a deep inhale on your vape mod. As you exhale, blow the smoke out of your nose and the sides of your mouth. This will take some practice to get your mouth pursed just right but keep at it and before you know it, it’ll come to you like you were born a dragon.


It’ll be impossible to do these beginner vape tricks without an epic mod and eJuices you enjoy. So, head on over to Prying Eye Vapes and shop our unique line of vapes and vape juices to get started. Just when you think you couldn’t love our blend of flavors any more than you already do, these vape tricks make them even more enjoyable (if that’s even possible).

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