Deep 2-in-1 Cartridge and Pod Capable Device

by Deep
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Deep 2-in-1 Cartridge and Pod Capable Device

The Deep 2-in-1 Cartridge and Pod capable device is what we all been waiting for, no more need to carry two devices. 
The adjustable wattage and volt provides you the ability to fine tune your experiance. The car key spring design keeps the cartridge protected when not in use and ready to spring into action when needed with a push of a button. 

You can also set two different setting so can use the cartridge at one setting and the pod in another setting.
So no need to adjust  wattage or voltage when switching from cartridge to pod. 


Car Key Spring Design
Size: 66 x38 x 16.5mm

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Output voltage: 2.00v -4.20v
Wattage range: 4.0w-12.0w
Resistance range 1.0- 3.5
Barrett capacity:600mah
Charging Micro usb
Memory function: yes
Preheat feature