Vaprwear 3.8v Vape Pen auto-draw battery

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Vaprwear 3.8v Vape Pen auto-draw battery

The 3.8V Vaprwear vape battery is auto-draw, meaning you simply take a draw to activate (some cartridge styles require you to push the button to activate).

Of course, the button is perfect for preheating thicker oils or for when you simply want a bigger hit. The light at the end of the battery tells you the battery status: green means fully charged, yellow means partial, and red means time to re-charge.

* Compatible with 510 thread cartridges (which is virtually all cartridges sold in dispensaries today). Not compatible with mods..

Vaprwear Battery includes:

  • 3.8V battery with a 4.0V power booster button
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Volume: 280mAh Lithium Ion
Size: 3.7" X 0.45"" [9.4 X 1.14cm]
Origin: Made in China